Welcome to MCLibrary

Welcome to our new Marcellin College Library Blog.  We will be using the blog to alert the Marcellin College community about new books we have in the Library and lots of other news and links which might be of interest to you.  If you keep an eye on the site from time to time you will find that video clips will be added, webpage links for authors and books will appear, and lots of other news about books will be highlighted.

This should be a blog that students can contribute to too, so if you have a book review or recommendation that you would like to write about, or a book or author related link that’s fabulous, then why not send it to me, Mrs Kearney through our school email system, and I can add it to the blog.

I have also added a page just for the parents of our students. Please visit there and have a look at some of the links I will add from time to time. Keep an eye open for “shopping lists” which I will add from time to time. These will be lists of new books that you might wish to consider for birthday or Christmas presents for any of the children in your lives.

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4 Responses to Welcome to MCLibrary

  1. tsheko says:

    Good luck with the blog, Karen!

  2. Kim Yeomans says:

    Great to see the Marcellin Library blog up and running! I’m sure I will be popping in regularly… 🙂

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