Patrick Carman

I’m a big fan of Patrick Carman’s work. If you haven’t come across this author yet he’s a good one to keep in mind.  Several of his books are in our Library.

Patrick Carman has been looking at ways where 21st Century technology can be used in storytelling. He explored this idea with his Skeleton Creek novels, where the story within the book was supplemented by online video.  Each video clip extended the storyline, and added an extra point of view.

Skeleton Creek begins with a teen boy who has broken his leg whilst he and his friend were exploring an old disused gold dredge. It seemed to be a ghost that caused the accident. He is housebound, whilst his leg heals, and puts all of his thoughts about the mysterious happenings at the dredge, down in a journal.  Meanwhile his friend is busy with her video camera, trying to find out more about the mysterious dredge.  Her videos have been placed online and can be viewed by the reader.  The book contains the website address and the passwords needed to access the videos.  It’s a fabulous idea and really takes the story to another level.

Have a look at the book trailer here:

You might also like to hear Patrick Carman talking about how this book came into being. Go on location with Jeremy Gonzales and see what it’s all about.

If you like this idea you might also enjoy having a look at Patrick Carman’s newest series Trackers. You can have a look at this series at the Trackers website.  The website tells us that the challenge is “to catch a master mind cyber thief and be extremely careful who you trust”. Look exciting and lots of fun. Check the books out in the MC Library under the author, Patrick Carman. The video below introduces the series as told by Patrick Carman.

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