Hamlet – “Staged on the Page”

Nicki Greenberg’s Hamlet is a version like no other. She has taken Shakespeare’s play and created a sumptuous 430+ paged graphic novel version. It’s an interesting version because Greenberg has incorporated ideas of staging Hamlet into the book.  As she explains on the Readings website:

“In my Hamlet the page layouts are based around the idea of a theatre stage, and the visual language of the theatre informs the book’s structure, design and illustration style.”

As the book opens we see the ink blot Hamlet, standing on the stage before a curtain. He picks up a mask and so this “production” of Hamlet begins. It’s certainly a very interesting version, and one that I really like.

You can find out more about this graphic novel at the following website:

The Cartoon Lounge

You can find out more about the author, Nicki Greenberg at her website:

Nicki Greenberg

You can read some reviews on Hamlet here:

The Age Website

Perilous Adventures

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