The Red Pyramid

One of my students kindly allowed me to show the Glogster poster he created on The Red Pyramid. It’s a great way to share your views on different books you read and I would encourage any of our students to have a go at creating them. If you have one you would like me to add to our blog I am more than happy to have a look at it. Please just send me your link. You can find Glogster by clicking here.

Here’s a screenshot of the Red Pyramid Glogster poster:

You can also have a look at Julian’s poster here. Clicking on “Show Full Size” will allow you to see it properly and you will find that you can scroll down to look at all of the information he has included. He’s even embedded a video for you to watch. Great work Julian and thank you for sharing.

You might also enjoy having a look at Rick Riordan’s website here.  You’ll find lots of information about the Kane Chronicles, including the first book in the series, The Red Pyramid. Rick’s site allows you to explore Egyptian history and there’s some great links to other Egyptian sites. Have a look at Riordan’s Percy Jackson series too.

I’ve noticed that Rick has a blog too, and you can preview his latest book in the Kane Chronicles which will be called The Serpent’s Shadow. The cover is there for you to have a look at and the book will be out early in May. Also announced there is a set of short stories set in Percy Jackson’s world. This collection will be titled The Demigod Diaries. It will be out mid August this year. Keep an eye on his blog for all Rick’s latest news.

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