Short story collections

Have you seen the short story collections in the Marcellin College Library?

Look on our library catalogue and do a search for “Short Stories” to find them.

What sorts of anthologies do we have?

Some are short story collections written by one author. You will find lots of short story collections in our Library by Roald Dahl and Paul Jennings. The ever popular Maurice Gleitzman has also written a short story collection titled “Give Peas a Chance”.

Other authors choose to write short stories around a particular genre. If you have a look through the catalogue you will find short story collections, based on Horror, by Anthony Horowitz. Other genres authors have written in include Mystery, Detective short stories, Fantasy, Sport and Ghost stories. If you love to read a particular genre it’s worthwhile investigating whether we have a short story collection on that genre.

Other collections might include lots of different genres. I love these because there’s bits of everything. You might like to have a look through some of the collections for these. Trust Me! is one.

Have a browse through some of the short story collections I will have on display. Who knows? You might find a new story by an author you love.

I’d like you to add a comment to let me know if you have found a great Short Story collection that you can recommend to others. Have you found a collection that has a story in it you have really enjoyed? Have you found a collection that has an author in it that you like? Let us know.

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12 Responses to Short story collections

  1. Josh says:

    I think that an alright short stories collection is the Paul Jennings books. These are probably the only ones I will read. I generally don’t read them because I just find it hard to appreciate the story in the short time

  2. Curtis says:

    I have read Give Peas A Chance and thought it was very humorous. I would read it again… It is more of a Primary School read.

  3. Daniel M says:

    I love short stories because you can read them in one sitting, rather than staying on the same novel for a week

  4. Jarrod says:

    The Paul Jennings short stories are really cool

  5. Andrew W says:

    I like the short story called ‘The Wife’s Story’ because it has a very interesting twist.

  6. Kane says:

    I like the just …..
    Series i used to read it when i as young

  7. Danel says:

    I really like morriz glietzman he is a great author

  8. darcy says:

    they were good because they didn’t go on for too long.

  9. thomas says:

    short stories are good cause you can read them quickly

  10. lachlan says:

    I have read a short story called ‘Trash’. It was a great book i liked it very much. It was good because it got to the point very quickly.

  11. lachlan says:

    I have read a short story called watermelon moon. It was a good book because in the end everyone was happy. It was eventful. I liked some of the things they made up.

  12. simon says:

    shark bate is a very good short story it had lots of thrilling bits and had lots of humor

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