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There’s some new books in our Library just for those of you who love to know all the ins and outs of your footy team. Here’s two AFL books for you to browse through.

The AFL Prospectus is chock full of everything you needed to know about your team and all the opposing teams. Check out the data for each team, including all that vital knowledge on this season’s rookies. Lots of data is provided and analysed to give you insights to all manner of things. Have you ever wondered how far each team is travelling to their matches for instance? Well wonder no more. Just have a browse at this book.

Every team and player has been profiled, and this information might help you decide which way your footy tipping goes. There is information on the new rule changes and all the stats provided can help you decide who will be members in your 2012 Dream Team.

The AFL Record Season Guide 2012 is another book crammed with facts, history and information. You’ll find Collingwood player Dane Swan on the cover this year, keeping with the tradition of featuring the reigning Browlow medalist on the cover.

For those of you more interested in the NRL, then maybe take a look at this book. As with the AFL books this one gives you an insider’s look at the teams and players of the 2012 season. There’s commentary on each of the club’s, the positions each team member plays and looks at their strengths and weaknesses. There’s some information on past seasons and each of the club’s allocated draw is evaluated.

There’s lots more sports books in our Library. Have a browse on the shelves in the 796 section.

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