The Three Doors Trilogy – Emily Rodda

Emily Rodda has written a wonderful new series called The Three Doors Trilogy.

“Three magic Doors you here behold

Time to choose: Wood? Silver? Gold?

Listen to your inner voice

And you will make the wisest choice.”

Rye’s home is the walled city of Weld. His people have been living here safely and happily for a long time, but now the city is under attack. At night flying creatures, Skimmers, come out, attacking anything living. People are being killed and there is a great deal of destruction. Once darkness comes, all of the townspeople move indoors. They need to be very quiet or else the Skimmers will seek them out and attack. Their houses need to be protected. Any hole or opening in the house must be sealed each evening to prevent Skimmers getting in and attacking.

Nobody knows who the enemy is nor where it is.

The Warden of Weld asks for volunteers to find and destroy the Enemy. Rye’s brothers join those heroes who set out to discover the source of the Skimmers, but they, and many other young heroes, never return. Rye is too young to go, but his circumstances change and he feels he must go to find them. And so he finds himself in the chamber, looking at the three doors: gold, silver and wood.

Join Rye in his adventures in this first book of the series, The Golden Door. Waiting for you when you finish is the second book in the series, The Silver Door. If you’ve enjoyed reading other fantasy books by Emily Rodda, Rowan of Rin and the Deltora Quest, then you’re bound to enjoy this new series.

This first book has been shortlisted in the CBCA Book Awards for 2012. I’m sure it will find a great many readers. I can highly recommend this new series.

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