Department 19 – Will Hill

Another guest blogster today with Nathan from Year 7. Have a look at Nathan’s review of Department 11 by Will Hill, then have a look at the suggested links.

An average day, an average teenager, an average mum, except nothing is normal. When life as we know it takes a rough turn, who will save humanity?

When Jamie Carpenter was 12 his father was killed, a traitor to his country, who killed 3 people, Jamie finds out that his father was working for a top secret department called Department 19. Jamie’s day takes an unexpected twist when he was pushed into joining the Department, to make up for his father’s bloody past. Joining the department means giving up normal and forgetting the logics of the world we once knew. Will you join the never endless war between humans and vampires?

A surprising new friend, a vampire girlfriend, things can’t seem to get any stranger. When the world’s second oldest vampire Alexandru Rusmanov is on a rampage with Jamie’s mum held for prisoner, will Jamie worry about finding about his father’s life or saving his Mum?

Have a look at the following book trailer:

You might also enjoy visiting the official Department 19 website here.

From there why not head over to Will Hill’s blog and see what else he’s writing about. I noticed just recently that he was advertising an audio streaming of this book so it’s a great idea to have a look at the websites and blogs of your favourite authors.

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