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Welcome to the new Library blog for Marcellin College. We hope that you will enjoy your visit here, and will browse through the different posts and chat with your students about what they are reading. Perhaps you can suggest some new books to them.

From time to time I will add some booklists to this part of the blog to highlight some of the great new books that your boys might enjoy. I will also be adding links to things which might be of interest to you.

For starters, how about having a look at the Cybersmart website which is run by the Australian Government. It has some great information on how help children of all ages become responsible and safe users of the internet.

You might also want to keep an eye on Inside a Dog, a Melbourne based website with loads of book related information: book suggestions, reviews and lots more.

Please feel free to post a comment to the blog. The Marcellin Library Staff would love to hear from you.

20th March 2011

There have been several articles in the newspapers this week on cyberbullying. The Herald Sun (Thursday March 17, 2011, p. 23) suggested these tips to help keep your child safe:

Talk to your child and their friends if you suspect something is wrong.

Keep yor computer in a communal area and don’t allow internet use in bedrooms.

Set clear limits for time spent online.

Know who your child’s online friends are, ask your child how they know them.

Ask them to always tell you if an online contact wants to meet them in person.

Direct your child to age-appropriate sites such as .

Ask for help.”


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